Abagility Maths Club introduces “abacus agility”, an exciting program which not only gives children the advantages that the Japanese abacus maths technique provides, but also teaches children the application of the method to their school maths and in their day to day lives. Research emphasises the importance of EARLY stimulation in developing the brain. This is an effective way to develop your whole brain and improve your math skills at school.

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Abagility Maths Club offers tuition in the techniques of the Japanese Soroban (abacus). Our tuition provides a visual and practical method to learning mental arithmetic and teaches the practical application of the skill in day to day school maths.


Abagility is a well rounded programme which also includes school type maths like word problems, time, money, fractions, spider sums, graphs, brain teasers, puzzles to enhance logical and critical thinking, and much more. The programme extends and enhances the maths ability of all children.

we aim to

  1. Deliver enjoyable lessons in a caring and disciplined manner.
  2. Ensure that all learning objectives are met in the classroom and at home.
  3. Add value to, and make a lasting difference to each one of our student’s lives.

Member of the Abacus Maths Soroban Association of South Africa

(affiliated to Tomoe Soroban Co. in Japan)

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What Parents are Saying

Testimonial 1
My children have thrived on the Abagility programme. It has given them great confidence and enhanced their maths skills.

Tracy and her team have been professional, dedicated and committed to the children’s development.  This extra curricular has been a worthwhile investment in my children’s education!

Sadiyya (Durban – KZN)

Testimonial 2
I enrolled my daughters into Abagility Maths as a means to improve their mathematics skills, but have found that they have derived so much more value out of the programme than just improving their ability with numbers.

Primarily, maths is about rules and Abagility reinforces that. But along with the improvement in maths skills comes a multi-disciplined approach that increases focus ability and concentration.

The competitions are tough but fun and the children love participating, which is obviously a huge plus for children to learn to operate under pressure (time constraints) as well as set goals for themselves.

The rewards for hard work are tangible and representing South Africa by competing overseas has been a massive highlight and opportunity for one daughter, and a motivation for the other.

I cannot praise Abagility Maths more highly as a wonderful, but more importantly, hugely valuable programme for children.  Every child should be given the opportunity to be a part of Abagility Maths and to benefit from the incredibly powerful set-up that Tracy Hauptfleisch has put together so successfully.

Michael Marnewick  (Durban – KZN)

Testimonial 3
Ashton started Abagility when he was 4. We were quite concerned about his attention span and if he would enjoy the program. It only took one lesson and he was hooked. His writing skills and understanding of numbers have grown exponentially and he can’t wait for his weekly lesson. When I go through his workbook, I can see why he enjoys it so much. It’s a fun program full of colours and he can’t wait to tell me about it.

Thanks Abagility, Sally and Bertus Eksteen (Western Cape)

Testimonial 4
Kimaya attends a private school and has come out first in her class and her teacher mentioned she is miles ahead. In fact, the whole school cried Kimaya’s name even before the position of first place was mentioned! She got 97% for Conquesta Maths. Kimaya has done exceptionally well and without a doubt all credit lies with you.

Your passion seemingly has rubbed off on her and she just loved attending your lessons on Wednesdays, even if she is off sick nothing would stop her from her Wednesday class with you and in fact your classes are a leisure break for her. She loves your classes so much that her father mentioned she dances when she gives the answers and that makes you even more extra special. At home she sings when doing her homework. It is obvious that maths is her favourite subject.

Tracy, both Kosi and I wish you all the best in your new endeavour and know that it will succeed because it is your commitment, leadership and passion that keeps everything together and you will be rewarded in the new venture. Your dedication and commitment to the task of educating our precious children is going to grow and grow exponentially and the future for these young ones is brighter and for this we thank you.

Stay blessed as you continue to help our country build a brighter future!

Kosi and Kaveri Padayachee (Durban North Central – KZN)

Testimonial 5
When I first approached Tracy about the Japanese way of teaching Maths (Arithmetic) 6 years ago, I was intrigued but also sceptical. I spent an hour with her asking questions. I enrolled my 9yr old son, Mitchell (Gr 4) and my 4 yr old daughter, Christy (Preschool). I was keen on this method of learning as a psychologist because I knew our way of teaching maths favoured the left brain dominant child while this method uses both the left and right side of the brain, inclusive of all children. In this method children calculate using visualisation of an abacus. My son is now in Gr 10 at Hilton College and although he has always done extremely well at Maths he is now able to get 100% regularly or near to this for his maths papers because of the speed and accuracy that his has learnt through Tracy teaching him this way. My daughter Christy who is now in Gr 4 learnt to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers as well as learning all her times tables in Gr 0. In Gr 3 she was able to multiply any 2 digit by 1 digit number mentally, divide 3 digit numbers by 1 number mentally and at remarkable speed. She entered a Mathletics competition which was held country wide and came 2nd in South Africa in Gr 2 winning a silver medal. I believe it is a remarkable way of teaching maths (Arithmetic) and considering the Japanese are the forerunners in Maths I know for certain my children have benefitted immensely and have a tool for life.

Ingrid Green (Upper Highway – KZN)

Testimonial 6
So many children go through schooling scared of maths and numbers. When Tracy first demonstrated the abacus to me, I saw it as an opportunity for my then young children to become comfortable with using numbers. I have seen them excited about working things out on the abacus, and being able to grasp concepts. Their memory is good, as is their ability to concentrate. It has not always been easy with them, but Tracy and her team have always demonstrated patience and caring. I have given up trying to tell Tracy that my children are not “her” children – that is how personal the teaching is. I thank Tracy and her team for encouraging and inspiring my children over the past six years. Neither of them are scared of maths!

Linda Cottrell (Upper Highway – KZN)

Testimonial 7
To the Amazing Abagility team!

For the first time my child can’t wait for Mondays to arrive so she can go to her Abagility classes after school!!! She does all her home work without mom begging to do so – and that before the weekend had even started! Sophi (5yrs) is so proud of what she can do yet and even started to “teach” her little sister (3yrs) how to use her abacus as a real “aunty Tracy “would do!! My child understands and enjoys the new way of abacus maths so much more and can’t wait for the next Monday to learn something new!

Thank you Tracy and team for teaching with so much effort and love and making every single child feel like a champion!

Ando Lochner (Upper Highway – KZN)

Testimonial 8
My grandson started learning to do maths on the Abacus when he was 6 years old and in grade 1. I had seen the program advertised and felt that it would benefit Jesse’s fine motor skills, which needed improving. So in one way we became involved for perhaps the wrong reason. Imagine my surprise when both his maths skills and self-confidence improved in leaps and bounds. He not only enjoyed learning the new maths skills but also enjoyed the social interaction at the classes.

Often, I think that children develop a ‘mental block’ about maths, I certainly did at school and they lack the self-confidence to give of their best. Jesse’s participation has given him confidence and a love of mathematics.

My grandson is now in grade 5 and the new curriculum that Tracy is implementing has given Jesse a renewed interest. I often sit in at the end of a class and enjoy seeing the children” just wanting to do one more brainteaser or a few more flash cards.”
I wish Tracy all the best for her new venture and look forward to many more years of learning for my grandson under her expert guidance.
Tracy you are a STAR.

Ailsa Lennox (Durban North Central – KZN)

Testimonial 9
In 2010, in Grade 1 at Penzance, Primary School Lloyd joined Tracy Hauptfleisch. As a shy young boy, Artherine Roberts and then Tracy patiently worked with Lloyd, showing him that numbers can be great fun and are used all the time in our daily lives. Soon he gained valuable self- confidence as well as his academic report cards improving. He went on to participate in Regional and National Competitions, stood in front of 350+ children and parents and gave Maths demonstrations. In December 2013 he made his parents and school very proud representing South Africa in an International event in Hong Kong.


Lloyd remains inspired by Tracy, continues to work hard and hopes to complete 1st Kyu at the end of 2016.

Jill Milligan (Durban North Central – KZN)

Testimonial 10
We were first inspired to do abacus maths tuition with Tracy when Nathan was in Grade R in 2009. Nathan is now in Grade 5 on the Abagility Maths Club programme.

There are so many benefits but here are a few: Confidence in working with numbers, not intimidated by figures or new mathematical subjects. There is an enthusiasm and excitement when doing problem solving questions. Another gain is the self-discipline and self-motivation that has evolved. With the ABAGILITY method the teachings are in line and relevant to the school’s CAPS system and therefore greatly adds value to the whole process.

Nathan’s school maths grades reflect the high standard of maths that has been acquired through attending classes.

Within the ABAGILITY classes the benefits are: the classes are small, have a healthy sense of competition are very motivating and FUN! It is also Tracy’s enthusiasm and sincere passion for the children and their accomplishments that contributes to the success.

Nathan even does maths now as a form of relaxation! It gets his brain into focus to be able to learn for other subjects!

The Ngugi Family (Upper Highway – KZN)

Testimonial 11
I have two children currently doing the Abagility program. Both of them have benefited enormously from the teaching and methods. They are well ahead of their class and are confident with their Maths. Through Tracy’s patience and understanding with the children they enjoy Maths and are keen and motivated to progress!

Mom (Durban North Central – KZN)

Testimonial 12
My daughter, Kate started doing abacus maths lessons with Artherine 18 months ago in the 3rd term of her grade R year, and has never looked back!

At that age she had no idea about Maths or adding numbers, so it was incredible to watch how quickly she picked up the concepts and within a couple of weeks she was clattering away at speed on her abacus.

The confidence this has given her, not only with Maths but just generally in life, is unbelievable.

By nature she is a shy and reserved child, and it was testimony to the program that a year after starting she was up on stage in front of several hundred people, doing a demonstration of her skills at the Regional Championship.

Thanks to the abacus maths programme she has an absolute love for and confidence with numbers that I know will stand her in good

stead for the rest of her life.

Ruth Hicks (Durban North – KZN)

Testimonial 13
Our 7 year old daughter really enjoys Abagility. She has been learning Abacus Maths for over a year. She says that Abagility is fun because not only is she stimulated and extended, she is able to work at her own pace and learn new concepts quickly. As parents, we are thrilled that she is being equipped with tools that are going to benefit her in the years ahead. Her almost 2.5 year old sister can’t wait to start.

The Braune Family (Rondebosch – W.Cape)

Testimonial 14
Aalia has been doing abacus education for a year and a half. Since then she is loving maths. The course has boosted her confidence tremendously with regard to maths. Her ability to concentrate for longer has increased as well. She finds her school maths to be quite easy. Her current school teacher says that Aalia grasps new concepts faster and that she can work independently. The abacus education has played a significant role in Aalia being amongst the top students in her class.

Thank you

Fozia (Rondebosch – W.Cape)

Testimonial 15
Just a short note to tell you how happy Levi has been doing the new program! He is so enthusiastic to do the work and it has helped him so much over the past few years. His Maths abilities are superior to his class mates and have improved his abilities to do his work quickly and correctly. His times tables, which he learnt at the age of 7 and a half, has helped him in so many ways at school. He does not struggle with anything given to him which is age appropriate. Furthermore, he loves Maths! And this is due to Abagility Maths Club.

Juanita Katzer (Durban North – KZN)

Testimonial 16
Heath started doing maths with Artherine when he was in Grade R. He is now is Grade 4 and still loves it. It has helped him tremendously with his mental maths and keeps him stimulated.

Thank you.

Lorraine and Heath MaClou (Durban North – KZN)

Testimonial 17
My boys Ryan and Justin both attended extra mural mathematics classes in Durban North, KZN with Artherine who works with Tracy Hauptfleisch. The grounding that the lessons provided was invaluable for their basic mathematics skills as well as teaching them to work quickly and accurately. I firmly believe that these lessons have given them both a significant advantage with their school maths. Most important though, the support, motivation and care to our boys provided them with a wonderful sense of confidence. Every child was treated like the winner! I would highly recommend Artherine and Tracy and wish them all the best.

Kind regards

Claire Gatonby (Durban North – KZN) 

Testimonial 18

I am writing to say a very big thank you to you and your team for you dedication towards my boys. 

Both Joshua and Daniel have done so well in maths over the years.

Joshua was diagnosed with West Syndrome at 6 months old, the doctor told me that he would have learning complications.

This was never the case, he went to a standard pre-school and is now at Glenwood Prep, he has been doing Abagility since grade 2 and is currently one of the top students in his grade.  I 100% believe that your program has contributed to his success at school, not only in maths but in all subjects.  He has a better understanding and is able to work at a fast past.  Joshua is due to start secondary school in the UK, in September and we are so confident that he will continue to do well.

A big thank you to Yzzil, who has been Joshua’s instructors throughout his years with Abagility.

Jody Rens