The AMSASA National Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Championship was held on Saturday the 15th May 2021 around the Country.  Due to Covid restrictions, 153 Competitors from 3 different abacus education schools wrote at different venues under strict conditions in the Western Cape, KZN and Gauteng.  In this very exciting event, each child had to write 6 exams.  Each child competed in their relevant levels and age groups and had just 3 minutes to answer up to 30 long sums on each paper using their abacus (there were 3 of these papers one covering multiplication, one covering division and one covering addition/subtraction).  They then had only 1 minute to answer up to 30 sums on each paper mentally, using the Japanese method called Anzan (there were also 3 of these papers covering multiplication, division and addition/subtraction).  It was very exciting for our children to be able to compete after so long and although the event was different to normal, they all worked hard and everyone performed at their best.  The Award Ceremony was held online on Zoom on Saturday 22 May 2021.  Again, a little different, but a great achievement all round.  We are proud of all of our Competitors! 

For more pictures of our children competing, please visit our Gallery.